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5 Reasons People Still Like Canadian Singer Shania Twain

Last updated on 25th January 2020

Shania Twain is one of the most popular female country music singers ever. She is so talented and her music is so versatile that even today people like her songs. After a long break, she is back with her new album and is sure to rock the world again. Here are the reasons people still like Shania Twain.

Beautiful voice

Shania Twain has a beautiful voice. Her voice is unique, and you cannot compare it with the voice of any other artist. She can sing any song smoothly with lots of emotion, which makes her songs sound beautiful.

Great lyrics

Apart from being a great singer, she is a good songwriter as well. Her lyrics talk about people, women, relationships, and more. Her songs are like stories and people simply love them. They often carry important messages.

PostImage 5 Reasons People Still Like Canadian Singer Shania Twain She is a survivor - 5 Reasons People Still Like Canadian Singer Shania Twain

She is a survivor

She has gone through a lot of ups and downs in life. She was betrayed by her best friend; she was divorced, and the incident had a great impact on her life. She was also diagnosed with Lyme disease, which could have caused her to lose her voice.

But fortunately, due to several therapies, she still has her voice. After taking a long break, she has come to the limelight again.

Empowers women

Many of her songs are about women’s empowerment. It talks about how women are strong, how men should treat women, and more. Her songs have been an inspiration to many women.

Reinvented Canadian folk music

Folk or country music was almost lost. Shania Twain brought it to the vast audience with a touch of pop. Now many country music singers are following her trend.

Shania Twain is undoubtedly one of the greatest folk or country music artists of all time. Her songs are still popular and will entertain future generations as well. She is a survivor and many new artists consider her a role model.