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Music has a great impact on our lives. Music can make us happy, release stress, and soothe our minds. The lyrics and melody of music give a wonderful feeling. That’s why music is included in different celebrations. Even when we are alone, we love to hear music.

This blog is about music, Canadian music in particular. You will learn about Canadian fiddling and Ottawa-Valley dancing music. A fiddle is a musical instrument that looks like a violin and the Canadian musicians include it in folk music. Step dancing is a fast form of dance that people dance with Canadian folk music.

The dance steps are performed by wearing shoes with taps that can enhance the rhythm of the dancer’s movements. In this blog, you will get an insight into Canadian folk songs and the songs used for step dancing.

The articles are written by experts who are passionate about Canadian folk music. You will learn about the history of this music and know why it is still loved by millions of fans

The blog also has articles on other genres of music and the entertainment industry in general. If you are fond of music then you will enjoy reading this blog. The articles are well researched, and you will learn about different musicians and songs. We also publish all the latest news in the music and entertainment industry.

We update our blog with new articles every day and our articles remain in the archive for a long time. So, you can also go through our previous articles. We hope you will enjoy reading our blog.