Kerry ‘s role in the band is that of fiddler, dancer, pianist and mandolin player. She has a very strong work ethic which has enabled her to excel in many areas. She is currently in her final year of studies at the University of Western Ontario where she is pursuing a double major in Kinesiology and Foods and Nutrition- on a full scholarship!

On the competition scene, Kerry has won numerous of awards in both fiddling and step dancing. She currently holds the title of Ontario Open Stepdance Champion. She has also placed 5th and 7th at the prestigious Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Championship held in Ottawa. She enjoys teaching step dancing, fiddling, and piano privately and in the workshop setting. She has also taught step dance, fiddle, and piano at the Leahy Music Camp, AlgomaTrad camp, and Orangeville Fiddle camp. Some of her musical influences include Louis Schryer, Shane Cook, Leahy, KAN, and American fiddler Christian Howes.

Kerry has performed with Natalie McMaster, the Memories of a Don Messer Jubilee Show, Wayne Rostad; however, one of the highlights of her performance career so far is having the opportunity to travel and perform on stage with Leahy as a guest dancer in 2009.


  • Hobbies include hockey, fitness, discovering new artists, and making the world’s best chocolate/peanut-butter/banana smoothies.
  • Her favourite foods are chocolate/peanut-butter/banana smoothies, steak, and moose tracks ice-cream.
  • Her nickname is “Granny”.
  • Creates video bloopers of her family while on tour.
  • Currently in a huge Coldplay, Michelle Chamuel, and Imogen Heap phase.

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Kerry plays a Raymond Schryer violin: